Our Strategy

The organisation’s Strategic Framework (2014-2018), which was approved by members in 2014, is underpinned by 3 strategic pillars, namely:

    • Policy advocacy on common matters of interest to farmers in southern Africa;
    • Strengthening of farmers’ organisations, and
    • Provision of agriculture-related information to members and stakeholders.

The strategy is translated into actions through its operation plan (2015-2018) which was approved by the board. This strategic pillars are operationalised through the following strategic goals;

    • To promote the creation of an enabling environment that allows farmers and other players in agricultural value chains to establish, maintain and maximise their productive potential
    • To support the establishment and development of strong credible and sustainable Farmer Organisations (FOs) that provide effective and efficient support services to farmers and other stakeholders
    • To support strategic decision making by FOs, and to provide general information to other stakeholders