Our Objectives

  1. To enhance the legitimacy and relevance of organised farmers representation in southern Africa;
  2. To promote the maintenance, and establishment where necessary, of strong agricultural unions within southern Africa as a prerequisite to the strengthening of the position and well-being of farmers and farming communities within the various countries of the region;
  3.  To foster mutual cooperation and understanding between farmers’ organisations, policy makers and the farming community in  southern Africa with a view to strengthening the voice of agriculture and promoting the well-being of all farmers and the viability and sustainability of agriculture in the region;
  4. To provide a forum for the discussion of matters of common concern to member organisations and/or their associates and in the process to promote a common understanding of, and approach to, such matters;
  5. To disseminate views and information to members and other relevant organisations, including other farmer/producer organisations, governments, regional economic communities, private sector and development agencies;
  6. To promote cooperation in the agricultural and related fields between farmers’ organisations, governments, regional economic communities, research institutions, private sector development agencies and civil society organisations within southern Africa in order to promote agriculture in the region vis-à-vis the rest of the world;
  7. To associate and/or collaborate with any bodies having objectives or interests similar or complimentary to those of SACAU.