Sustainable Development Impact Summit

Source: WEF

Source: WEF

SACAU participated in the World Economic Forum (WEF) Sustainable Development Impact Summit which was held alongside the UN General Assembly in New York from 24 to 25 September 2018. The CEO participated in several meetings which covered wide-ranging topics, including feeding the planet sustainably and nutritiously, harnessing geospatial data for development, good digital identity and sustainable water management through collective action.

The CEO was in a session discussing harnessing geospatial data for development whose main aim was to outline common protocols and innovations that can support the sharing of real-time geospatial and geo-tagged data for better decision-making. The session focused on what can be done to promote the use of and facilitate access to geospatial data for data-driven decision making among small and medium enterprises for sustainable and productive operations.

Similarly, he a was a session discussion leader on “livelihoods and productivity” as part of the workshop on Feeding the Planet Sustainably and Nutritiously. The workshop was aimed at building consensus on scalable approaches to improving food systems to be more sustainable, inclusive, efficient, nutritious and healthy.