Nurturing the development of a new generation of young professional leaders

There is a growing realisation that many of the challenges to the transformation of African agriculture are related to leadership inadequacies at local, national, regional and continental levels. Agricultural systems are rapidly changing, being driven by, among other factors, globalisation, advances in technological and scientific knowledge as well as the advent of information and communications technologies (ICTs) and big data.

It is against this background that SACAU considers this a strategic area for its investments. Thus, the development of a new generation of young professional farmer leaders capable of driving and overseeing the future transformation of the agricultural sector in Africa cannot be overemphasised.

Lessons on what and how this can be achieved can be learned from other organisations who have successfully run with the idea. One such institution is Andreas Hermes Akademie (AHA) of Germany, with whom SACAU already has relations.

Hopefully in the distant future, the region will find itself in a position to cater for its young farmers in a similar manner and take its agriculture sector to the next level.