SACAU features in prestigious anthology 

© Foreign Affairs

© Foreign Affairs

A special edition anthology, published in partnership with Foreign Affairs, brings together the views of twenty leading thinkers on all aspects of food systems, smallholder farming, and the transformative opportunity presented by digital technology.

The authors include SACAU CEO Ishmael Sunga who wrote an essay called “Organizing for the Future: Overcoming Fragmentation with Digital Technology”. Co-curators Kofi Annan, Sir Gordon Conway, and Sam Dryden assert that “The combination of digital technology and human creativity in deploying it will revolutionize life for Africa’s farmers by overcoming isolation, speeding up change, and taking success to scale.”

One of the biggest contributors and a great supporter of this initiative is Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation CEO Bill Gates who believes that the way human beings use the power of technology can make a significant difference: “Digital technology can act almost like a secret decoder ring that links the formal and informal sectors.”

The authors have also shared their personal experience at the end of each essay. View and download the Foreign Affairs anthology here: