SACAU shares plans for 2017 at the 2016 We Effect Annual Coordination Meeting




We Effect, SACAU’s longest serving development partner, annually convenes coordination meetings for their partners in southern Africa.

Last year, the coordination meeting took place in Lusaka, Zambia from the 22nd – 24th November.

SACAU and some of its members from Malawi and Zimbabwe were also part of this convening, which among other things allowed partners to share on results achieved during the year, lessons learnt and challenges faced in the implementation of their programmes.

Best practices on how to achieve equal gender representation within decision-making structures of partner organisations were shared, while also exploring how the youth could be supported to take up farming as a career of choice and actively participate in business.

Lastly, the meeting aimed to plan the We Effect technical support for the year 2017 in the areas of result monitoring, study circles and gender mainstreaming. The 2017 plan for the regional collaboration between SACAU and We Effect on cotton and dairy which has been going on for the past few years was shared with partner organisations.

This will be communicated with the respective organisations in due course to ensure that like 2016, the 2017 support year is a prosperous one for all involved. Given the devastating effects which the El Niño induced drought has had on the region, more so in Malawi and Zimbabwe, the meeting also identified strategies to build resilience to climate variability and discuss the formulation of joint country programmes.

Partners were also exposed to the Rights Based Approach (RBA) and the application of rights-based principles among partner organisations. This method will be embedded in all of We Effect’s programmes going forward.

We Effect was previously known as the Swedish Cooperative Centre, and works in 25 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.