SACAU to release drought survey for regional action



SACAU members from 12 SADC countries have responded to an urgent call for information on the impact of the drought in the region to help the confederation plan a way forward.

Coordinated by Dr Manyewu Mutamba, the survey evaluates the impact of drought in each country and also identifies the major challenges faced by farmers.

“The survey covered all SACAU members in 12 countries as well as commodity platform members,” says Dr Manyewu Mutamba.

“The response was good, almost all SACAU members responded. Overall about 50% of those invited to the give feedback responded despite the short time window.”

The results are critical to ensure a co-ordinated regional response.

“It has become clear that farmers across Southern Africa are in the clutches of an unrelenting drought,” says Dr Mutamba, adding that all SACAU members are affected.

“It’s already clear that transport and infrastructural bottlenecks will be a constraint to an effective drought response.   A regional approach to tackling these challenges is better placed to galvanize long term solutions, investments and strategies for disaster preparedness in the future,”  says  Dr Mutamba.

The second step will be a high level report based on the survey which will highlight the extent of the drought and the major impacts as well as some of the possible actions to help farmers manage the impacts of the drought.

“We are finalizing a report that will summarize the responses and capture the key outcomes of the survey,” says Dr Mutamba  “This report will be the basis of an information session and media briefing with various stakeholders, partners and media,” he adds.

SACAU will release full results at a press conference on Tuesday, 01 March, 2016.