SACAU kickstarts the development of a new strategic plan


SACAU’s current strategic framework, which is the third since the establishment of the Secretariat in 2003, is in its final year of implementation and due to expire in December 2018. To this end, the organisation has started the process of developing a new strategic plan which will cover 5 years starting from January 2019. As per tradition, the development of the new plan will involve consultations with members,who are also responsible for its approval.

The development of the plan will be preceded by an independent strategic review which will look at the activities of the organisation and other over the last five years or so. Among others, the review is expected to discern key lessons, issues, challenges and strategic insights from the past five years and recommend strategic orientations for the next strategic plan.

The outcomes of the review, together with the knowledge, insights, experience and competencies the organisation has accumulated over the years, as well as relevant significant developments are expected to inform the new strategic direction of the organisation. Both members and external stakeholders will be consulted during this process.