Organisational self-assessment

Every two years, SACAU undertakes an organisational self-assessment to assess progress made in the development of the organisation. Using the Octagon tool, the Board and staff use a given criteria to independently score the organisation on its structure, identity, relevance, activities, target groups, working environment, expertise and systems and finance.

The scores of the two groups are then discussed at plenary, and a combined score is agreed upon as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each variable. Action points to address the weaknesses are also agreed upon. This year, the self-assessment was undertaken on 27 March, and its objectives were to identify perceived strengths and weaknesses, establish a baseline for the organisational strength of SACAU and develop an action plan to address identified weaknesses.

This exercise was facilitated by We Effect, SACAU’s longest partner, who also provides institutional support
to the organisation. At the end, the eight areas of the assessment were consolidated and presented using the Octagon tool.

Areas that received the highest scores are working environment, target group and systems and finance. In line with the objectives of the exercise, the results of this assessment will, amongst others, be used as a baseline for SACAU’s new programme funded by We Effect.