Agriterra and SACAU team posing after working on the SACAU Agri agency business plan. From left to right: Mr Ishmael Sunga, Mr Wil Wijtsma, Ms Fhumulani Mashau, Mr Peter van Boekel and Mr. Benito Eliasi.

Formulating Business Plan Commences

The establishment of the SACAU agri-agency as directed by the 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Swaziland is taking shape and an Agriterra mission was recently hosted to advance this. The main objective of the mission was to work with SACAU technical team in developing a five-year business plan for the agri-agency. The development of […]


PAFO appreciates partners’ contribution in agricultural development

The Pan African Farmers’ Organisation (PAFO) expressed its appreciation to its development partners.  The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) more specifically, was appreciated for its important role in the development of agriculture in the continent.  Leaders of PAFO who recently met in Niamey, Niger acknowledged that CTA has been instrumental in ensuring […]

SACAU youth Ms Ruramiso Mashumba (left) and Mr Innocent Jumbe (Right) outside the SeedCo warehouse.

Two young farmers participate in seed harmonisation learning-visit in Lusaka

The Alliance for Commodity Trade in Eastern and Southern Africa (ACTESA) organised a learning visit to Lusaka under the Common Market for Eastern and southern Africa (COMESA) Seed Harmonization Implementation Plan from 27th to 28th April 2017. The visit was designed to familiarise farmers with COMESA harmonisation procedures and status in Zambia. Participating in the […]

Ms Noi Selepe, a young farmer from Lesotho speaking at a G20 gathering of world leaders. African young farmers, also referred to as “rural youth” gathered in Bonn, Germany, From 25th to 30th March 2017

A member of regional Young Farmers’ Forum attends conference in Berlin

From 25th to 30th March 2017, African young farmers, also referred to as “rural youth” gathered in Bonn, Germany, to share their experiences and deliberate on how rural development could be accelerated. The gathering was also aimed at soliciting ideas from the youth to contribute towards the Berlin Charter which was to be finalised and […]


Regional FOs and IFAD discuss progress of the SFOA

  Representatives of five (5) Regional Farmers’ Organisations (RFOs) met in Niamey, Niger to share progress in the implementation of Support to Farmers’ Organisations in Africa Programme (SFOAP). This is a five-year programme that has been running since 2013 and is coming to an end next year, thus the review meeting was important in mapping […]

From left: Dr Theo de Jager, SACAU president, Mr Bill Gates, philanthropist, and Mr Ishmael Sunga, SACAU CEO at the at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Smart Farming meeting

Digital innovation can transform Africa’s smallholder farming

  Digital innovation and policy reforms offer the greatest prospects for transforming the smallholder farming sector, SACAU president Dr Theo de Jager and CEO Mr Ishmael Sunga told delegates while presenting at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Smart Farming convening recently which was also attended by philanthropist Bill Gates.  The SACAU leadership was presenting […]



                  HERE IS WHAT’S NEW AT SACAU:   •The Secretariat and the Board welcome Mr. Lincoln Morolong who re-joined SACAU as Accountant with effect in February. •We also wish to announce that we have recruited a Programme Officer: Policy who will be joining us in June. •SACAU […]


Dairy Steering Committee meet in Pretoria and define 2017 strategy

Members of the committee The Steering Committee that drives the collaboration of regional dairy associations convened a meeting on 3rd April in Pretoria, South Africa. The Committee reviewed progress of the dairy platform, finalised terms of reference for the platform and looked at the longer-term focus of the collaboration. Central to the regional collaboration is […]


AfDB talks Jobs for Youth in Africa

SACAU young “agri-preneurs” can play an important role in rolling out the AfDB strategy   On 27th February 2017, Ministers from the southern African region gathered in Pretoria to discuss the African Development Bank (AfDB)’s strategy on “Jobs for youth in Africa”. Due to the priority that SACAU has set to actively involve the youth […]