Hydroponic Farming_Women

Women farmer leaders visit a hydroponic farm

The SACAU women farmer leaders recently visited a hydroponic farm in the heart of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This urban farm – called Mwamy Green Veggies – is managed by a dynamic woman,  Ms Mwamy Mlangwa, who left her banking career to enter farming in a full-time capacity. The visit was part of the 2017 […]

Dairy Meeting_Kenya

Dairy meeting

Twelve delegates from four dairy associations and four national farmers’ unions in Southern Africa converged in Kenya for the annual Regional Dairy meeting which was co-hosted by We Effect and SACAU. The event took place from 22-24 August and provided insights on the development of the Kenyan dairy industry. The delegation, which also comprised representatives […]


COMESA develops a Regional Agriculture Investment Plan

    The Malabo Declaration of 2014 reaffirmed the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) as the key policy framework for Africa’s agricultural transformation and provided targets for action. Subsequent to the endorsement of the CAADP Compact by stakeholders in November 2014, the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) is collaborating with the […]


Meet our August young farmer ambassador, Maness Nkhata

Maness Nkhata is a young female agripreneur from Malawi. She graduated in Business Administration from the University of Malawi, Polytechnic, in 2008. After not finding a formal job, Maness started commercial farming at her Kakoma Estate in Kasungu. She grows cassava, soybean and sunflower. Later on, she decided to add value to the crops grown […]


SACAU women farmer leaders sharpen their leadership and negotiation skills

Thirty-nine women farmer leaders from 17 members of SACAU were trained in leadership and negotiation skills from 21-25 August 2017 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The training, which was organised as part of SACAU’s Women Farmers’ Forum and facilitated by African Women in Agriculture Research and Development (AWARD), was responding to challenges women farmers face […]

CEO Letter

CEO’s Letter

August came and went, and time continues to fly by so fast. In this issue, we highlight to you some of the things that kept us busy and your feedback would be most welcome as usual. At the end of this month, the Board of SACAU held its first meeting since the Annual General Meeting […]

Farmers Registration

Farmers’ Registrations

It is common knowledge that basic socio-economic data specifically on farmers is generally not widely available and easily accessible. As representatives of farmers, it is thus imperative for Farmers’ Organisations (FOs) to invest in building complete and credible databases of their members. Having data on farmers will enhance communication between and among large numbers of […]

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SACAU reviews progress

SACAU hosted We Effect to review progress of its operations for the first half of the year. We Effect is one of SACAU’s key and longest partners who has been supporting the secretariat since its establishment. Both parties were satisfied with the progress made during this period. In addition, the meeting discussed We Effect’s programme […]

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Announcements: Here is what’s new at SACAU

Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Union (SACAU) is organising the 2017 Women’s Forum in Tanzania from 21st to 25th August. The forum will focus on strengthening the capacity of women in their leadership roles with the aim of enhancing their impact to influencing as they serve as leaders in their respective organisations. SACAU is collaborating […]

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The 2017 Regional Dairy Meeting

The Regional Dairy meeting, which will be co-hosted with We Effect, will be held in Kenya from 22nd to 24th August. The meeting will provide insights into the development of the Kenyan dairy industry focusing on various aspects such as functioning of cooperatives and services provided to members; innovations around the smallholder sector in terms […]