CEO’s Letter

SACAU CEO Ishmael Sunga

SACAU CEO Ishmael Sunga

Without doubt, the main highlight of this double issue of our newsletter for September and October is the milestone progress that we achieved towards the development of our next generation strategic plan. On 17 and 18 September, we had the pleasure to host our members – our shareholders, for a very important occasion outside the AGM.

The location was Centurion in South Africa, and the occasion was the strategic review and strategic plan development workshop. Members had the opportunity to reflect, in strategic terms, on the performance of the organisation over the past three years, and to provide strategic guidance on what the focus of the organisation’s work should be in the next five years.

The outcomes of this workshop were fulfilling as highlighted elsewhere in this issue, thanks to the thorough preparations and excellent facilitation. And let the drafting begin – a process that will keep us intensely busy for the next couple of months! Then, there was the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) in Kigali, Rwanda, and the World Economic Forum (WEF) Sustainable Development Impact Summit in New York, USA- two prime events which we participated in.

Thought leadership from the perspectives of farmers’ organisations’ perspective is increasingly becoming part of our work, building on and drawing upon the various ideas and experiences that come with our membership nature and regional character. To this end, we are deliberately and increasingly ventilating some of our ideas and thoughts by publishing through blogs and other platforms in collaborative efforts with other organisations, as highlighted in this issue.

Finally, it looks like we will end this year the way we started it – very busy! Virtually all our diaries are full till the very end of the year. Some of the activities worth highlighting in this regard include drafting of the strategic plan, hosting of the last Board meeting of the year, capacity building training and other workshops for members as well as attending regional and international meetings, including the traditional climate change COP 24.

Enjoy the read, ladies and gentlemen!