CEO’s letter


mr sungalll

SACAU CEO Mr Ismael Sunga

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Annual Conference have come and gone by. Indeed, the year is moving very fast, and it is already mid-year. The build up to our very successful AGM and Conference, as well as the actual events themselves, was very hectic. We had wished that after this, the workload would ease thereafter, and our working lives would be less hectic, but this was not to be.

From an operational point of view, the month of June has not been uncharacteristic – it has been all hectic like the past few months. Apart from the day to day operations, we have been busying ourselves with project management matters, including monitoring, internal and external reporting, organising project meetings and carrying out representation functions.

In this respect some of the highlights were field project monitoring visits to Swaziland and Zimbabwe, organising a competency development assessment workshop for young agripreneurs and related consultations, and hosting a knowledge management meeting for a continental programme (SFOAP) of the five regional farmers’ organisations under Pan African Farmers’ Organisation (PAFO) which is funded by the European Commission and managed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

In strategic terms, three areas of work that were started in June are worth highlighting. The first is the beginning of two related activities, namely a strategic review of the work of the organisation over the past five years, and the development of the organisation’s strategic plan for the next 5 years. The former is assessing the performance of the organisation over the past 5 years, whilst the latter focuses on the future of the organisation for the next 5 years, in strategic terms.

The third area pertains to the assessment of current and future competencies of the young agripreneurs in relation to industry needs/requirements. This involved consultations with the young farmers and the selected agribusinesses. This is expected to feed into the process of developing a more appropriate competency development curriculum for the 21st Century farmer. We shall be keeping you informed about progress on these, as well as on our various activities.

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