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Board meeting

The SACAU Board of Directors is scheduled to hold its first meeting of the year on 28 March 2018. Several agenda items are up for discussion, and chief among them will be preparations for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Annual Conference which will be held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe from 15 to 16 May. […]

Build up to the 2018 Annual General Meeting

As usual, it will be preceded by an annual conference whose theme is “trade”. The AGM which is a closed event for members only will be attended by two representatives from members. Among others, the AGM will consider the chairman’s report that will highlight progress made in the implementation of the operational plan in 2017, […]

A regional approach to Weather Based Index Insurance

Climate change has become one of the biggest risks that farmers are facing and is threatening to compromise agricultural transformation particularly in the smallholder sector. SACAU considers weather based index insurance as one of the key instruments that has the potential to help farmers manage climaterelated risks. However, the uptake of weather based index insurance […]

Woman farmer of the month, Mrs Feddy Tesha

Mrs Feddy Tesha. Mrs Feddy Tesha is one of the members of the SACAU Women Farmers’ Forum from Tanzania. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Profate Investments Limited (PIL), a company that focuses on the production, processing, marketing and distribution of dairy products in Tanzania. The company itself produces and processes about 1,000 […]

Trade agreements and farming in southern Africa

Trade issues continue to take centre stage in the global development agenda, and SACAU commissioned a study in 2017 to assess the implications of current and proposed trade agreements on farming in southern Africa. The findings are meant to improve SACAU members’ understanding of how trade developments are likely to impact economic activities in which […]

Wide-scale adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture

Climate change has emerged as a major threat to agriculture, food security and income generation, particularly for agriculture-dependant households globally leading to increased calls to develop resilient food production systems. To this end, African countries have made commitments through the Malabo Declaration, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Climate Agreement to promote the uptake of […]

Cooperatives: an effective way to integrate farmers into value chains

Members of Fikambanan’ny Tantsaha Ankadinon Agricultural cooperatives have been in existence for many years. However, there has been resentment of cooperatives by many people in Africa over the years due to state interference in their management and operations, as well as poor management, amongst others. This situation is now changing, and cooperatives are becoming an […]

Soils and climate: role of soils as a sink and a source of carbon

Soils offer a major chunk of carbon storage. Increasing carbon in soils is potentially an effective means of removing dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and in oceans while providing positive cobenefits, particularly for food security There is broad agreement that soil organic carbon can abate climate change while enhancing food security, sustainable […]

Membership registrations for farmers’ organisations

The importance of having credible and complete membership databases by farmers’ organisations (FOs) cannot be overemphasized. Amongst others, having credible data on members helps to strengthen the advocacy position of FOs and enables the differentiation/ segmentation of member services. Furthermore, the data can be monetised for stakeholders in a position to pay for it, and […]

CEO’s Letter

Mr Ishmael Sunga We started 2018 full of hope and optimism, quite like what farmers go through at the start of an agricultural season. There was not much time for warming up in January. January is traditionally occupied with confirmation and finalisation of annual work programmes and budgets, as well as reporting to our development […]