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Towards a trade-driven agenda

SACAU Secretariat staff and presenters at the annual conference Towards a trade-driven agenda 1. As farmers we need to understand what is stopping us from producing more and what we can do to remove those constraints. 2. If there is no market, there is no trade. If you do not produce you cannot trade. Therefore, […]

Capacity development

Capacity Development 1. For small pieces of land, farmers cannot meet subsistence needs for basic staples and therefore may be better served by focusing on high value commodities, the income from which they can purchase food. However, high value enterprises are knowledge intensive. Hence, there is need to improve capacity, particularly for small scale farmers. […]

Policy-related issues

His Excellency Cde. Emmerson Mnangagwa (President, Republic of Zimbabwe) and delegates at the SACAU annual conference 1. As farmers’ organisations we need to provide compelling arguments about the value addition of farmers and agriculture to the fiscus – s/he who contributes more to the fiscus gets listened to. 2. As long as we continue to […]

Key Insights on Standards

1. The absence of harmonised standards for agricultural products in the region should be viewed with serious concern. This is an issue that requires immediate attention as it affects intra-regional trade. 2. There is need to address the proliferation of private standards, some of which may be set above the technically defined parameters. They can […]

Market availability and access

Dr Sinare Sinare (Vice President SACAU) and His Excellency Cde. Emmerson Mnangagwa (President, Republic of Zimbabwe). 1. Growing and changing consumption patterns coupled with low local production is an indication of a gap that local agricultural transformation can address. 2. The changing consumption patterns locally and regionally is creating a lot of opportunities for farmers […]

Unfair trade practices

1. Food aid is a necessity during times of disasters, but its source matters. For food aid to be beneficial to recipient countries, it should be managed in such a way that it does not distort local and regional markets. Local/regional procurement programmes should be the primary source of food aid to help create markets […]

Key Insights on Trade Agreements

1. Most trade agreements recognise the importance and strategic role of agriculture. 2. There is a multiplicity of trade agreements, which are complex. This necessitates the development of capacities to understand these agreements and associated issues. SACAU and its member unions also need to study the manner in which the agreements are applied in practice […]

Key message on Production and Productivity

The conference came up with the following key messages categorised as follows: Production and productivity; trade agreements; unfair trade practices; market availability and access; standards; policy-related issues; capacity development; and towards a trade-driven agenda. Production and Productivity 1. Agricultural production levels in the region are too low to achieve the level of surpluses necessary to […]

Dr de Jager bids farewell to SACAU family

Dr Theo de Jager addressing delegates at his last AGM I have served on the Board since 2011, and learned much from legendary leaders such as Mr Doug Taylor-Freeme, Mr Felix Jumbe and Mr Salum Shamte, with whom I served. Mr Ajay Vashee was President when I first attended a SACAU conference. Much of the […]

SACAU elects a new Board

SACAU ‘s new Board: SACAU Vice President Dr Sinare Y Sinare, Mrs Doreen Hlatshwayo, Mr Alfred Banda, Mr Phineas Gumede and SACAU CEO Mr Ishmael Sunga. The Southern African Agricultural Unions (SACAU) recently elected a new Board at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) that was held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, on 16 May 2018. Dr […]