SACAU CEO Ishmael Sunga

CEO’s Letter

SACAU CEO Ishmael Sunga

SACAU CEO Ishmael Sunga

Greetings and welcome to our last newsletter issue of the year. We already extended our best wishes for 2019 to readers in our November issue which was published just before the end of the year. We hope you were all able to take some time off for rest and relaxation before the start of the new year.

For us, much like the many farmers of the region, 2018 ended much the same way it started – hectic. Whilst December is generally a short working month due to the holidays, it certainly felt like it was one of the busiest. This feeling is perhaps understandable as our bodies and spirits begin to experience the last mile fatigue.

The drafting of our new Strategic Framework was completed, and the document was presented to the Board for consideration. We are extremely pleased that by the end of the year the Board had approved the draft for finalisation and circulation to members.

In addition to the usual yearend related administrative and financial management functions, we also participated in a number of meetings which are highlighted in this issue. The meetings were to do with policy advocacy, knowledge management, programme development and resource mobilisation, all of which are critical in delivering our promise.

Looking back, 2018 was in the main another good year for the organisation. Many takeaways and key lessons were learned during the strategic review. The outcomes of this strategic review process provided a basis upon which members were able to craft the strategic direction of the organisation for the next five years.

The new strategic direction provides a sense of renewal and a heightened sense of anticipation for the years to come. In short, we end the year on a positive note of optimism.

See you on the other side- 2019