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A vibrant, prosperous and sustainable farming sector that ensures food security and contributes to economic growth in southern africa.

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The Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU) is a regional farmers’ organisation representing the common interest of farmers in southern Africa. It is membership based, and its core membership is open to national general apex farmers’ organisations (FOs) in southern African countries. Associate membership is open to commodity specific, cooperative, agribusiness and any related value-chain based associations/formations with a regional (i.e. southern Africa) outreach. Whilst its origin dates back to 1992, it was formally established with a Secretariat in 2003/4. Since its establishment, the organisation has registered significant growth in membership, technical capacity and financial resources. It now has 17 members from 12 countries1 in southern Africa. Through its membership, SACAU represents more than 5 million farmers in the region. Its budget and technical capacities have increased more than ten-fold and it has established a wider footprint and a larger voice. It is recognised by several key regional, continental and international agencies involved in agricultural development. In this regard, it is recognised by SADC, COMESA and AU/NEPAD as their main dialogue partner on agricultural development in southern Africa. The organisation now stands out to be the voice of organised agriculture in the region.



To be the main voice of farmers on regional, continental and global matters, and to promote and ensure strong and effective farmers/producers’ organisations in all countries in southern Africa.


SACAU is founded on the following values and principles: Consultation | Transparency | Accountability | Honesty and integrity | Objectivity | Impartiality |Professionalism | Non-discriminatory | Independence | Subsidiarity and complementarity | Political neutrality

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